We understand that pets are important members of your family and that keeping them happy, healthy and active is a priority.  Our Friendly & Family owned Team of Veterinary & Rehab professionals is committed to Giving your Pets the Best Quality of Life possible.

Our Wellness Branch, Vogue Vets & Wellness Centre, located in Stirling,  is the First Purpose Built Vet & Animal Physio/Rehab practice in Perth.  Our Integrated approach to Veterinary Care is unique to WA and our gentle and caring staff genuinely love to see your pet happy, healthy & mobile!‚Äč

Your pet will receive Professional & Personalized care, whether it be for Conventional Veterinary services, or more Integrated Veterinary Services such as Animal Physio, Rehab, Acupuncture or Hydrotherapy.  We are proud that our experienced and highly qualified team are able to provide you with all of these services under one roof!

If your pet is in need of Animal Physio treatments, post operative Rehab, or Hydrotherapy, Call us to Book your appointment today: (08) 6323 2916


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