Our Services

Veterinary Consultations

We provide full head to tail examinations of your pet and regular health checks.  In addition, we perform vaccinations, senior & dental programmes, and also offer the Vogue Vets' VIP Package, which is a preventative health care programme.

Life Plan

We treat your pets as we would our own.  This means that we tailor all our veterinary health care advice to suit your individual needs, as well as providing regular reminders for your pet's preventative milestones, so you can't forget.  Like us, pets have a higher likelihood of developing illnesses as they age, and regular health checks can detect these changes before they become severe.  This means that we can initiate treatment earlier, which should therefore improve the outcome.

Our Senior and Dental programmes are one of the ways in which we help you to keep your pet happy and healthy for longer.  These programmes entail a 6 monthly health check reminder, which enable us to detect and manage problems early.

Our VIP Package is yet another way in which we can focus on preventative health care, keeping your pets healthy for as long as possible.  This programme concentrates on preventative medicine, making caring for your pet even more affordable.   Call us now for more details- 9444 6800.


Since 2013, it has been a legal requirement for all cats in Western Australia to be micro-chipped and at Vogue Vets we use only the best quality Microchips.  We follow strict protocols when implanting chips into your pet, which gives you peace of mind that your pet is appropriately chipped and registered with the national registration authorities.

Surgical Services

We perform routine elective surgeries from Monday to Friday. This ranges from neutering (otherwise known as desexing or sterilising) of cats, dogs & rabbits, through to more complex surgical cases such as cruciate repairs, tumour removals, and bladder & bowel surgeries.  We carry out most soft tissue surgeries ourselves, but for those more involved procedures, we have a Consultant Surgical service that provides orthopaedic services at our hospital when required.

For more information on Neutering (or DeSexing), click here:

In House Laboratory

Since earlier diagnosis often leads to better outcomes, Vogue Vets has a fully equipped in-house laboratory .  This includes Idexx blood machines, which allow us to perform comprehensive blood testing, giving results in less than half an hour.  We are also able to perform parasitic skin exams, urinary exams, and basic analysis of lumps and bumps here at the practice.


 We are proud to have a state of the art digital radiology system, which enables us to provide you with high quality, diagnostic imaging, with results given the same day.  Digital radiography provides much greater detail than traditional x-ray technologies, as well as providing us with a safer environment in which to work. Our team works hand in hand with local Radiological specialists, to give you faster diagnoses resulting in better treatment outcomes. 


Most pets will have some degree of dental disease during their lifetime. Preventative care such as dental foods and treats, dental hygiene, brushing with special toothpaste and examination by your vet can help to reduce the amount of plaque and gum disease. Some diseases with the teeth and gums require frequent check-ups, and your veterinarian will make recommendations as necessary.  When required, our in-house human grade dental equipment is used to x-ray, scale, polish, and treat your pet's teeth  to improve their oral health.

Specialist Procedures

We are lucky enough to have several Specialists who come to us to perform their procedures at Vogue Vets.  The areas of veterinary care that they cover include complicated soft tissue & orthopaedic surgery, dermatology, and ultrasound.  For any other cases that require diagnostics or procedures not able to be done in general practice, we have several referral facilities close by to which we can refer your pet if required.


We provide your pet with the highest standards of care and ensure that we give you updates twice a day while your pet is in our care.

All animals undergoing any form of sedation or anaesthesia will have a full head to toe examination so that their health status can be determined. It is also recommended that a pre operative blood test be carried out, which can detect health conditions which may not be apparent on physical examination.  This allows us to determine whether or not there is an increased risk to the procedure, and whether or not the treatment plan requires alteration.

Every patient under anaesthesia at Vogue Vets automatically has an IV drip in place, which maintains their circulation and blood pressure, and can improve recovery times.  As part of our commitment to providing the best quality care to all our patients there is no additional fee for the intravenous fluids provided during surgery.  This, together with the proper use of safe, efficient and modern anaesthetic equipment and drugs, ensures that the possibility of an untoward anaesthetic reaction is extremely unlikely.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your pet is in the best of health before submitting them for elective anaesthesia and surgery.  This means that they should be up to date with their vaccinations and parasite control, and that we should be informed prior to the procedure if your pet has been unwell in any way.

It is important that your pet has had no food for 12 hours before anaesthesia.  This means no food on the day of the procedure, although water up until you leave home is fine.

Pathology and Laboratory Tests

There are occasions when more extensive blood testing is required.  For these cases we send samples off to an external laboratory for examination by a pathologist.  Biopsies and culture samples are also sent to this lab.  Generally, with the exception of biopsies, most results are back within a day or two, and we will call you with the results.   Biopsy results can take up to a week to come back.

Puppy School

We run a comprehensive puppy training and socialisation program that is great fun for all the family.  These classes teach you to train your puppy in basic obedience, cover health and behavioural issues, and aid in socialisation of your puppy in a safe environment.

Classes are held once weekly for six weeks, with the final class involving a small test performed by each puppy, resulting in graduation.

One of the many benefits to puppy classes is that your puppy learns that the vet is a great place to meet new friends and play with others.  Usually, our puppy graduates are extremely eager to come back into the clinic for their regular check- ups, and often drag their owners in the front door to say "hello" to the staff. 

Please contact the clinic on 9444 6800 if you are interested in joining our next class, but be quick, as spaces are limited.